Jimmy Cox is the creator and founder of the MFN Consulting Group and is a retired Army veteran of 23 years. He has created the ultimate marketing network comprised of 90% creative military veterans with marketing expertise and research background. Jimmy is a change agent with more than two decades of consumer marketing experience who continues to disrupt the marketplace with “FRESH” and innovative ideas and content to connect consumers with brands like never before.


Jimmy is the epitome of Leadership and has combined his gift of connecting with people with building trust and strong relationships to sell products to consumers across the globe. In this day and age, consumers want to know who the person is behind the product. The Military Fresh Network is a true testament to how critical connecting people with purpose rather than leading with a product to consumers is. The Network is the first brand that we’ve created from the ground up, and it has grown exponentially in three short years.


The MFN Consulting Group, LLC was created to “Show & Prove” to the world that military service members have the skills to strategize, plan, and develop unconventional research and tactics like no other. The MFN Group has recruited a team of unique and diverse individuals who can combine their military skillsets with their innovative mindset.


The MFN combines intense market insight with progressive creativity to assist clients with shaping the future of their class. Our mission is to build a company that focuses on understanding how people are influenced and applying those insights to keep brands “FRESH” and relevant to the consumer market.